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Looking for a new hobby for your child?

A 1 hour gymnastics class is the perfect session for your child to come and experience the world of gymnastics.

If your child has been keen to join a fun class, or if you think they could benefit from taking on a new hobby, why not try a gymnastics class?

It is always good for a child to learn new skills and gain a passion from a young age, but aside from that our gymnastic lessons are a great way to socialise and make new friends!

Why opt for Gymnastics classes?

Our classes are the perfect option for children over the age of 4, as it allows them to independently participate in an activity where they can learn new skills and interact with other children of varying ages.

This class offers a sense of achievement for your child, allowing them to work their way up to receiving Medals and certificates.

What do the classes involve?

Each of our gymnastics classes last 1 hour, and gives participants the chance to use various different pieces of equipment, including balance beams, bars and the vault. But not to worry, we take it steady with beginners (particularly our younger members) and our professional team will always be there to assist every child to ensure their safety at all times when in our care.

Your child will feel more and more confident at every session they attend, having learnt new skills which they can then develop each week.

How will your child acquire gymnastic certificates?

We want every child that attends our gymnastics classes to feel that they have achieved something great, which is why we offer varying levels of certificates. The first two certificates they will receive can be achieved quite quickly even for beginners, with the little gymnasts only having to demonstrate basis moves to gain their certificate. After these have been achieved, each of the following levels will go up in skill level, with your child working towards a level 1 certificate.

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